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Fire in the Bones [Biblical, Heterodox Christianity]: Healing in Your Face, Literally. An answer to prayer.

…Okay, so perhaps more like “in my face.”A small, and I emphasize “small,” miracle happened last night I wanted to share, in a departure from my normally more abstract posts.I recently got a few sores. In general they are just painful, but there is always the danger that they might go into “sepsis.” (which just means the infection hits your bloodstream…which is very not good)I thought I was getting over them, but last night I had a fever, which is one sign of sepsis. I had felt some chills as well (another sign), but I think that was unrelated. In any event, I was a little concerned.I vaguely thought about going to the quick-care clinic, but decided not to. My decision was based on some combination of not wanting to bother with it and figuring God still had a use for me. I figured I wouldn’t die in my sleep.I had been re-reading the later prophets recently [which I highly recommend all Christians do], and I have been struck by how important it was to God that Israel rely on the Almighty rather than Egypt or other nations. I offered up a prayer for healing and indicated that I wanted to rely on God’s providence in this matter.

I was shocked when, no more than 3 minutes later, I just felt my fever go away. I had never experienced such an abrupt change in my life. It felt like the fever was literally being pulled from my body. I touched my forehead, which had been very warm just 3 minutes earlier, and the fever was completely gone. My forehead was the same temperature as my hand.

I was amazed. I immediately checked with my other hand, and then I felt it again a few minutes later, almost scared lest I find I had imagined it.Anyway, I just wanted to share this for whatever it is worth.

Glory to God and the Lord Jesus Christ!